Bye-bye Livejournal!
I'm saying good-bye to LiveJournal. All the cool kids are playing on Blogger now. So I've decided to jump ship. I'm going to be updating my blog much more often at Blogger, since it has better tools and whatnot. Here's the new URL:

Training going well
I'm ahead of the game on my marathon training. I'm a full 3 weeks ahead of my training schedule, having started running seriously again much earlier than last year.

Since I'm planning on running the Lemming Loop in style this year, and not in pain & discomfort like last year, I'm going to be modifying my training schedule to increase the distance on my Tuesday and Saturday runs. I've been reading that back-to-back long runs are the key to running successful ultras.

rm -rf
So today, I thought it would be fun to try out the infamous Unix command: rm -rf /
Here's my result:
rm: cannot remove root directory `/'

So this got me thinking... What other ways could I pooch the data on my hard drive?

dd if=/dev/random of=/dev/sda

This seemed to do the trick. :)

The hardest part about distance running
The hardest part about distance running is having the patience to wait for improvements. My natural instinct is to head out and run hard for as long as I can. Unfortunately, that is very counterproductive.

It takes a lot of discipline not to speed up at the end of a recovery run, or the day before a hard run. I need to keep reminding myself that not every training run is a race. In the long term, I will see improvements and my mileage will go up slowly. I do not need to push the pace, or push the distance now.

Mental agony.

Training update
Not much to report. I'm starting to do repeat weeks of the Hal Higdon's Advanced I marathon training plan. It's a bit more involved than the plan I used the last two years. In my opinion, it looks much better. More of a chance that I'll actually achieve the time I'm training for.

Sunday: Long run (10 miles to start)
Monday: 3 mile easy
Tuesday: 5 mile easy
Wednesday: 3 mile easy
Thursday: hill repeats or tempo
Friday: REST!
Saturday: 5 mile race pace

From Monday to Wednesday, the mileage is less than what I did on my previous plan. But the back-to-back hard runs on the weekend are going to really whip me into shape!

Arrowhead 135
I went out on a morning long run this morning. Only went 10 miles. But it was probably one of the easiest 10 miles I ever did. My secret? Running in the cold. It was around -10C this morning, and I had never run in anything that cold before. Fortunately, I was layered just perfectly and wasn't overheating at all, and felt just a bit chilly.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I run a lot better in the cold than in the heat. This is giving me hope that I may be able to pull off running in the Arrowhead 135. Definitely not this year, as my cardio isn't anywhere near it should be. Maybe not even next year. But it's definitely something I can train up for and accomplish.

Knee problem gone
After taking most of the month off, my knee is finally back in a runnable shape.

I took my first week back of running a bit shorter (and a bit faster) than I normally run. In the next few weeks, I'm going to crank my mileage back up to a good base (~40-50 miles). Come mid-February, my marathon training schedule kicks in and my mileage is going to ramp up.

Knee problems
Well, my right leg pain went away. I think I just pulled a muscle in my shin.

Unfortunately, I did something bad to my left knee. It hurts a lot now whenever I run. The distance I can go before it flares up varies, but it always arrives. I have only gone on three runs since the Lemming Loop. And all of them have been short (under 3 miles).

So I've been using this time to catch up on my TV watching, and trying not to eat too much. The lack of exercise is starting to pay a toll on my (perceived) sanity.

85km done!
I ran the Lemming Loop this last weekend. And I had a great time doing it.

I started my day early, arriving about 10 minutes late for the start of the race. Oops. This was probably a blessing in disguise. It was pretty dark, so I used my headlamp for the first few lamps, wore a toque, gloves, and long pants.

Since it was cold the previous night, there was dew on everything including the trail. A light coating of mud was impossible to avoid stepping on. My runners very quickly gained "platform shoe" status. Fortunately, the ground hardened up as it warmed. My toque, gloves and long pants quickly came off. I fortunately had thought ahead and brought a 2nd pair of runners.

I saw only 1 other person on the trail until the 6-hour runners started at 9:00. I got passed a lot. It didn't bother me in the slightest, as I knew I still had a long way to go. At 9:55, I strode into the aid station in time to meet some of the 3-hour runners. It was at the point that I realized I had run almost as far as those guys were about to. That was a bit of a confidence boost to know that I still felt fresh and ready to go after 3 hours.

Unfortunately, my freshness wouldn't last all day. By the time I was on my 9th loop (45km in), my left knee started to hurt. A lot. Popping a few advil didn't help very much either. I was pretty happy that I had already run a marathon (albeit in 6 hours), but was scared that I would have to drop out far short of the 12 hours I signed up for. At 50km, I decided to have a walking lap, to rest my knee up, and get some encouragement from the friendly folks on Twitter. It turns out that strategy saved my race. I determined that the total distance I ran didn't matter. In the end, I just wanted to keep moving forward for 12 hours. Quitting wasn't an option no matter how much I hurt.

After 65km had passed, I had figured out a stride that put less pressure on my left knee. It kept my left straighter than it normally would, and I lunged my right leg forward. This caused me to heel strike on my right left far more than I normally would. But it stopped the pain that I was experiencing at the time. By the time 80km came, even the modified running stride wasn't helping. I walked my last lap and got back to the aid station/finish line 6 minutes before my 12 hours was up. It was at this point that I found out only three people had completed the full 12 hours, out of 7 that had registered.

My legs tighened up fast, and I had the drive from hell going home. I'd never been so glad that I had cruise control. The next day, my *right* leg hurt. I couldn't move my foot without my shin hurting. At first I thought I had a stress fracture. But since then, the swelling has gone down somewhat, and the pain has subsided a lot. Now if feels like I have the shin split from hell. Small price to pay, in my opinion, to run two marathons in one day.

Lemming Loop this weekend
I have a cold. And it's less only 3 days until my ultramarathon. Not good.

Can't breathe, can't run. Sitting around all day doing nothing.

I'm still going to show up and give it my best. I'm just disappointed that my best is not going to be anywhere near where it could be.


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